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Doctorate in Human Sexuality

Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality

Sex is an emotion in motion.” Mae West

Interchange Counselor

Interchange Counseling Institute

Advanced Somatica Practitioner

Somatica Institute

My Training

My Story

After 15 years as a clinical herbalist and herbal product manufacturer, I realized a missing tool in my toolbox was a better understanding of sex and sexual function. And because I'm always excited to learn new things, I decided to sell my business and move from Colorado to the Bay Area where I received my Doctorate in Human Sexuality in 2009. As a clinical Sexologist I finally had a more in depth knowledge of the science of sex as well as the many factors which shape our unique sexualities. The Bay area with its beauty, diversity and sex positive culture became my new home and the community I wanted to support.

continuing my education into how people learn and grow, I have added more counseling and body centered modalities to my repertoire, including the Somatica Method, a coaching style which offers an embodied approach to learning about intimacy and relationships.

Clinical Herbalist

Northeast School of Botanical Medicine

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