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Individuals and Couples


Become more confident and comfortable with your body and sexuality, overcome challenges or "dysfunctions", increase your ability to know and communicate what you want, and increase your skill and comfort connecting relationally and sexually with others. Through mindfulness and embodiment practices, positive encouragement, compassionate reflection, skill building, experiential learning and accurate sex education I can support you in claiming a more fulfilling relational and sexual life. 


Sex and intimacy coaching can help you rekindle or enhance your sexual connection, deepen your relational intimacy, negotiate differences, and improve sexual functioning and skill. 

Common concerns include:

    •    Uneven sexual desire 

    •    Conflicting values and interests

    •    Challenges with sexual function

    •    Misunderstandings about what your partner wants from sex

    •    Lack of good communication and/or negotiation skills

    •    Little or no sex in the relationship

    •    Affairs

    •    Negotiating open and polyamorous relationships

    •    Disappointment and resentments

older couple in a connected embrace and laughing together
One must know not just how to accept a gift, but with what grace to share it.” - Maya Angelou
lesbian couple in love and holding hands watching sunset

Health and Aging

Health ~ a Holistic Approach

Physical health has far reaching effects on a person's sexual life.

Conditions which reduce sexual desire or function include:

  • High Blood Pressure

  • Diabetes

  • Pharmaceutical side effects

  • Depression

  • Arthritis

  • Chronic Pain

  • Stress


My knowledge of holistic medicine, based on 15 years of professional experience as a clinical herbalist, can be incorporated  into your coaching session when needed or requested. Whether offering dietary suggestions, herbal or supplement information, or giving a referral to another specialized practitioner outside of my realm of expertise, I will consider your total well-being throughout the coaching process.


Sexual feelings and desires do not disappear for many people as they age, although the frequency of sexual acts may diminish. The effects of aging can change the way in which you have sex and your sexual functioning however. I enjoy helping people discover and enhance what is possible sexually and how to circumvent physical limitations to experience the most fun and pleasure possible.

Potential issues we can address:

  • Illness or disability can have a dramatic affect on a couple's sexual life. Rethink what's possible while keeping an intimate connection alive.

  • Learn new sexual positions and techniques to work around injury, arthritis or stiffness.

  • Navigate sexual dysfunctions due to medications, surgeries or aging.

  • Keep yourself STI free when single or as a swinger.

  • Discover remedies for menopausal changes that impact sexual comfort

  • Lowered libido due to menopause, depression or medication

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