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Commonly asked questions

What is a sexologist?

Sexologists have higher-level education (usually a masters or doctorate) in various aspects of sexuality. It is a non-biased approach that explores what people do sexually, how they feel about their sexuality and how culture shapes sexual attitudes and behaviors, as well as what we now know scientifically about human sexual development and function. Sexologists also explore how gender identity, sexual orientation, age and disability play a role in someone's sexuality.

What does it mean to be "sex-positive"?

Being sex positive means having a positive attitude about sexuality, one that supports pleasure and diversity. It acknowledges people's right to engage in a full range of consensual sexual behavior, and doesn't assume what the right amount of sex is. By supporting the diversity of attractions and interests, it recognizes that people deserve to find an optimum healthy sexuality that works for them.

What is Somatic Coaching?

Somatic coaching is body focused. It recognizes that trauma and patterns of behavior are expressed in the body and can be worked with through body focused exercises and awareness. Becoming more connected to our bodies helps us be able to recieve pleasure as well as becoming better at giving pleasure. Many conflicts between partners can be resolved by becoming more nuanced in our ways of giving and receiving. Somatic sex coaches have the tools to teach people how to have the fulfilling experiences they most desire.

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I see clients Monday through Friday from 11am to 6pm. Some evening appointments are available as needed.  


I am located in Point Richmond, CA. In person and online appointments are available.

Why should I see a sexologist?

Most therapists, counselors and doctors have very little training in sexuality and may not feel comfortable discussing sexual concerns or have the education to address those concerns. Sexologists are highly educated in the many facets of human sexuality and are sex positive, non-judgmental and are focused on enhancing pleasure rather than discovering pathology. Therefore, sexologists are able to create an environment of safety and comfort for you to explore your sexual concerns and experiences. Sexologists also provide accurate information, practices to enhance sexual function and new skills, and lots of encouragement. They practice more like a coach than a therapist, moving you more quickly towards the place you want to be.

Free Initial Phone Consultation

I offer free 15 minute phone conversations to answer any questions, briefly discuss what you would like help with and to decide if we are a good fit for working together. Let me know if you would like to schedule a time to chat by filling out my contact form here.

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